Q&A: “My Wedding Ring is Irritating My Skin-HELP!”

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Q&A: “My Wedding Ring is Irritating My Skin-HELP!”

Diamond wedding ring against light blurred background

Frustrated that the ring that symbolizes your love and commitment to your spouse is causing a rash on your skin? Most likely the rash is an irritant dermatitis caused by soap getting trapped between the ring and your skin. Here are three easy habits to incorporate into your daily hand washing technique to avoid this pesky rash!

 When you wash your hands, always use an easy-to-rinse foaming cleanser that is

also gentle on your skin and/or hypoallergenic.

 Always be certain that all soap is rinsed out from under and behind your ring,

including dish soap, bath soap, and shampoo!

 Take your ring off and clean it regularly with a jewelry cleaning solution.

If you implement these qualities into your hand hygiene routine, your skin irritation will be solved!


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