Clear + Brilliant


Get Your Glow Back

Clear + Brilliant® is an effective, proactive laser skincare treatment for helping maintain youthful-looking skin. Based on innovative fractional laser technology, Clear + Brilliant is perfect for patients who want to refresh their look, help address the signs of aging, improve their skin tone and texture and minimize pore size, all with minimal downtime. Add Clear & Brilliant to your skincare regimen to get smoother younger looking skin.

For many patients, Clear + Brilliant is a natural, next step in the skincare continuum – a true fractional laser treatment that is proven and effective. And since there is typically no downtime, Clear + Brilliant treatments fit into a patient’s busy lifestyle as an easy treatment to help maintain youthful-looking skin.

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Clear + Brilliant FAQs

Q: How many treatments are necessary to achieve a good response?

A: Improvements are seen with each treatment. At LuminaSkin, we recommend a series of 3-5 treatments to achieve optimal results. Please call or email us for package savings.

Q: How far apart are treatments done?

A: Clear & Brilliant treatments can be repeated every 4-6 weeks.screenshot-2016-10-27-20-36-28

Q: Is Clear & Brilliant safe for darker skin types?

A: Clear & Brilliant is a safe and effective procedure to reverse sun-damage. Unlike other laser treatments, it is appropriate for all skin types.

Q: Is Clear & Brilliant painful?

A: Clear & Brilliant is not painful. A topical numbing cream is applied one hour prior to your treatment so you are completely comfortable when we start.

Q: How long is each treatment?

A: The treatment time can range from 30-60 minutes, based on how many areas being treated. Face, neck, and chest are the most common areas being treated by Clear & Brilliant.

Q: What are the immediate after-effects?

A: Immediately after your treatment, you may experience some redness, swelling and a sunburn-like sensation. This usually lasts a couple hours after the procedure.

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