Kristen’s Kybella Experience
November 1, 2017

When approaching a CoolSculpting treatment it can feel a little… daunting. For those of you who are interested but weary, here is my 1st hand experience in having a CoolSculpting treatment to my abdomen. Sharla was my provider and she made me feel very comfortable in the treatment room and explained step by step what she was doing as she prepared me for treatment. After my abdomen was prepped and I was repositioned in the chair for ideal applicator placement, the gel liner was smoothed over the treatment zone (marked and agreed upon).

Now it was time to experience the magic!…

Once Sharla applied the applicator and pressed the start button I began to feel the treated tissue getting cold. The cooling sensation continued, transitioning from a refreshingly cool sensation to an intensely cool sensation. Around 3 minutes into treatment the area, now very cold, began to ache slightly. But as soon as it became a little uncomfortable, around 5 minutes into treatment, the sensations began to dull-out. For the rest of the treatment all I felt was the applicator’s weight on my abdomen and a dull, in-the-distance cold sensation. I happily relaxed and played with my cell phone until the treatment finished.

After treatment completion, came the 2 minute manual massage. This part I didn’t feel much at all due to the treated tissue remaining fairly numb. So far, a very easy experience!

Fast forward a few days post-treatment:

Day of: After treatment I ran some errands before returning home and carried on that evening per usual. My abdomen was a little sore as if bruised in the area or I had worked out too intensely the day before, aside from that I felt fine.

One day post-treatment: I noticed my skin still had a dulled sensation but that was about it. I went to work per usual then straight to the gym afterwards… jogging, crunches, squats…. No issues! And today on day 3, still feeling fine.

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