EYES- Diminish Visible Signs of Aging

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September 5, 2013
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September 5, 2013

EYES- Diminish Visible Signs of Aging

Fight the Signs of Aging

New Beauty, the ultimate resource for advanced beauty treatments and one of our favorite magazine’s, advises us on which products and procedures are best when it comes to aging eyes.

“If you have dark circles and under-eye hollows then fillers may be a good option. For under-eye problems, like dark circles and hollows, hyaluronic acid fillers can be injected along the bone to plump up the area. Fillers add volume, and just the right amount can help camouflage depressions and darkness. Expect subtle fullness to the under-eye area that shows immediately and lasts about three to six months. There may be less darkness since fillers can disguise the look of shadowing by reflecting light from the under-eye area differently.”

The Importance of the Right Eye Cream

Not only do your eyes tend to be the first attribute others notice when they meet you, they are also the first to show the visible signs of aging. This video by Manhattan based Dr Neal Schultz, a cosmetic and medical dermatologist, demonstrates the importance of the right eye cream. Dr Schultz explains why eye cream should no longer be thought of as a luxury and why everyone will benefit from finding the appropriate eye cream for their skin type. Call LuminaSkin today and let us help you pick the perfect eye cream!

The Benefits of Eye Cream by Dr Schultz

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