CoolSculpting: Non-Surgical Fat Removal

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CoolSculpting: Non-Surgical Fat Removal

Do you want to dramatically reduce stubborn and visible fat with a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure with no downtime?

Are you tired of diet-and-exercise-resistant fat in the abdomen, thighs, chin, and around the bra straps and the buttocks?

If you are ready to ditch that “muffin top” or those “love handles,” LuminaSkin has great news!

You can stop the suffering without incisions, needles or anesthesia! And once those fat cells are eliminated, they’re gone forever!

A non-surgical fat removal procedure was inspired years ago, when two Harvard University scientists noticed children who ate popsicles got dimples in their cheeks. They determined the popsicles were freezing and killing small pockets of fat cells in the cheeks, which were then eliminated and resulted in dimples.

This popsicle research eventually led to the non-invasive treatment called CoolSculpting.

How it works

LuminaSkin’s team of licensed healthcare professionals use a special applicator that delivers controlled cooling through the skin to targeted fat cells. The treatment doesn’t damage skin or any surrounding tissue while freezing fat cells, which die and eventually are eliminated from the body.

During the treatment, you will feel intense feelings of cold. But that subsides within five and 10 minutes. And unlike surgical procedures, you can enjoy this experience. LuminaSkin provides full access to Netflix, free Wi-Fi, and snacks or meals. Or you could read or take a nap.

It’s different than losing weight

CoolSculpting is different than losing weight through diet or exercise. When you lose weight, you reduce the size but not the number of fat cells. When you gain weight again, the fat cells get bigger.

The benefits

You’re going to reduce stubborn and visible fat without incisions, needles or anesthesia. You’re going to fit back into those skinny jeans and feel confident in that bathing suit again. You’re going to look great!

You’re going to see noticeable results in three to eight weeks, with maximum results at 12 weeks. You’ll be ready for that upcoming special event or achieve that personal goal. Keep in mind: Three weeks may be shorter than the time it takes to schedule, undergo and recover from an invasive, surgical procedure.

Your treatment is completely non-invasive. The risk of infection is eliminated and your body can lose fat in those stubborn areas.

Your treatment is designed to be a one-time treatment. It reduces the number of fat cells in treated areas by 25 percent.

You will save time. Each application requires just one hour. Some consumers go back to work as soon as their treatment is over. Also, it helps to be within 30 pounds of your goal weight, and with so many positive results, subsequent sessions may be needed.

You’ll feel safe, as this treatment has been performed more than four million times worldwide.

The FDA gave this treatment its approval. The U.S. got the green light with it in 2010, a year after Europe.

The specific areas

Abdomen: Excess fat here is caused by eating too much, pregnancy, metabolic disorders and a sedentary lifestyle. Often the hardest fat to lose through diet and exercise, the abdomen size can be reduced.

Flank: Excess fat on the sides of the waistline and toward the back is an easier area to treat and freeze your fat. Why? Because of the location’s accessibility.

Thighs: Repositioning and padding may be required to cover these larger areas, but you’ll notice the results.

Chin: As we age, it naturally sags and stores fat. But the appearance of fat can be reduced and firmness can be restored.

Contact us today!

So if you’re ready to regain your waist line and beautiful shape, contact us now. Or if you’ve had CoolSculpting, let us know how you liked it.

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