Taking Preventative Measures with Clear + Brilliant!

Photo: before and after pictures of chin scuplting
Yikes! I Have a Double Chin! How Do I Make It Go Away?
August 15, 2016
Our PA’s Clear + Brilliant Experience!
October 4, 2016

A personal review by Kaelee H.

This is my first time even considerting a laser resurfacing treatment, as I have always seen traditional laser treatments as more of a “corrective” procedure, rather than prevention which is most popular in my age group. I always thought laser resurfacing treatments might be more beneficial as my skin developed signs of aging. However, upon receiving our Clear + Brilliant laser equipment and hearing so many great things about it – prevent signs of aging, maintenance of younger looking skin, improved tone & texture, and minimized pore size with minimal downtime – I knew it was something I wanted to try ASAP!

One of my biggest concerns has always been the sun damage to my chest acquired through years of sun exposure. I also noticed this area was rougher in texture compared to where sun exposure hadn’t been so prevalent. Knowing both of these issues could be treated was wonderful news! Though numbing is recommended for improved comfort, I decided against it so I could see exactly how it felt. My provider treated my entire chest with 8 passes on the highest setting. The sensation was similar to a cat’s tongue – if you’ve ever had a cat lick you, you understand what I mean – it’s a bit scratchy. Additionally, I felt heat, similar to a sunburn. To counteract the warmth, I held a cooling fan near to the area.

After the treatment was completed, my chest was pink and felt very warm. However, by the next morning the warm-sensitive sensation had completely dissipated. For the next few days my skin had a tanned appearance and a fine sandpaper-like texture. Once my minimal recovery period was completed, the skin on my chest was more evenly toned and possibly the smoothest area of my entire body…baby soft! I was thrilled and can’t wait to do it again, and next time on my face!

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