Our Lip Bar Will Make You Love Your Lips!

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February 6, 2014
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April 9, 2014

Our Lip Bar Will Make You Love Your Lips!

This month at LuminaSkin, we are celebrating luscious lips with our special Lip Bar! Are you wondering what this entails or have never given your lips special treatment? Well we are here to answer all of your questions! Below you will find the fast facts of our Lip Bar and after reading this; you will know the perfect treatment for YOUR lips!



Mini Lip Service-$350    (1/2 syringe Filler)

  • This service is for the first time patient who may be nervous about doing lips for the first time, but looking for a natural lip enhancement. Most of my patients wanting this service are looking for sexier, fuller lips, but in the most natural way. For example, in December I had a newly engaged 28 year old female who wanted a subtle, kissable, fuller lip before her engagement party, and we did just that! She was extremely happy with the results, and plans to do this again before her wedding!


Full Lip Service- $550 (1 syringe Filler)

  • This service is for the patient that has done lip filler before. Most of my patients wanting this service are looking for softer lip lines, fuller lips, and lifting corners of the mouth. For example, any patient desiring to restore the volume you once had in your lips and also to lift the corners of the mouth-this is the perfect service for you!


Maxi Lip Service- $600 (1 syringe Filler + upper lip laser hair removal treatment)

  • This service is similar to the full lip service with the added benefit of a laser hair removal treatment for the upper lip. If upper lip hair is a concern, this is the best option for you. This service is great for patient’s wanting a maintenance treatment or to try laser hair removal for the first time!


At LuminaSkin, we pride ourselves in giving your lips a natural and youthful look. Please call, email us, or click here today to make your appointment for a treatment or complimentary consultation!

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