Frown Free-It’s The Way To Be!

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April 16, 2014
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June 24, 2014

Frown Free-It’s The Way To Be!

I remember the first time I realized the way that my eyebrows naturally pulled  low over my eyelids giving me a rather grumpy expression. Upon this realization, I decided I needed a facelift!  I was only 15 so that certainly wasn’t an option, therefore I started training myself to keep them slightly raised.

Fast forward 11 years…

I decided to invest in my confidence and try Botox! Whoa-I can finally relax my face without looking angry at the world! Botox gave me just enough lift, cleared my frown, and even better-it was painless. I’m not too thrilled about needles honestly, but the treatment was a breeze and Kristen talked me through the entire treatment, which was extremely helpful. I followed her strict instruction to frown, raise my eyebrows and smile a few times per hour the first couple hours following the treatment, and to limit my exercise for the evening. I started noticing that I couldn’t frown after maybe 6-7 days and it should stay that way for 3-4 months. It’s been just over a month now and so far so good!  The lift and softening of my frown area is remarkable! Botox has certainly helped me gain back my confidence and it’s so wonderful being able to relax my face and not worry about everyone thinking I’m some grouchy lady. I totally recommend it to anyone that may be considering it!

Diana Saunders, Front Desk Coordinator

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