Feeling Youthful with Botox!

My Dermapen® Experience
June 5, 2015
Hand Rejuvenation: Correct Sun Damaged & Aging Hands
September 18, 2015
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I love the beautiful California summers but I dread the squinting and eye-brow furrowing I’ll be doing in response to those sunny days on the beach. The lines between my eyebrows were beginning to last longer and longer after a squinting-session and I was definitely becoming self-conscious about it.

I had an event coming up that I wanted to look refreshed for so I decided to get Botox. I was soooo pleased with the results of my treatment!  My expectations were actually super-exceeded because not only does my skin look smoother in those areas, but my entire eye-brows have lifted. I feel more youthful, I feel pretty, and I no longer have to worry about those frown lines that were beginning to make my neutral expression look harsh. Thank you Tatiana!!

Kaelee, Front Desk Coordinator

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