Why I Love CoolSculpting! A Personal Story From The LuminaSkin Office Manager.

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February 8, 2016
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Why I Love CoolSculpting! A Personal Story From The LuminaSkin Office Manager.

When starting a new job, you don’t usually expect to be having your new co-workers to see you in barely anything, and analyzing every “peak of your body” 3 weeks after your start date. On the day of our CoolSculpting training I jumped at being a model, who doesn’t want a flat stomach and no more muffin tops?! I’m getting married in July and have always been self conscious in tight clothing, after our information meetings I was hoping CoolSculpting could be a jump start to feeling more confident.

The staff analyzed my entire body and decided my full treatment to transformation plan. We then went forward on starting half my treatment and to focus on my upper flanks and apply four of the largest applicators on my lower abdomen or “pooch”. OUCH. Not at all what I expected. I was kicking and screaming at Daniela and Garrett as they massaged and talked me through the pain. Not the best impression…

For the following week, I looked 6 months pregnant, had many sleepless nights and lived in dresses and yoga pants. I started to believe it was never going to work. About 2 weeks ago, I was wearing a tighter shirt and my fiancé asked if I was losing weight because my stomach looked flatter. I weighed myself and then laughed and told him he was losing his site. Then over the next two weeks more people started to comment on the change in my body. Day by day it got more noticeable & I started to feel more confident in my skin.

Last week, Garrett decided to do a 7 week check up. WOW. I’m at not even at my full potential and I’ve gone down a pant size with no weight change. It is exciting to know I’m not at my end point, but the results that have occurred have exceeded what I ever expected. I am a firm believer in CoolSculpting and would highly recommend it to anyone.

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