A conversation with
Dr. Howard L. Rosenberg about CoolSculpting®

1. What made you decide to begin offering CoolSculpting as a service at LuminaSkin? 

Many of our patients from San Mateo, Palo Alto, and Burlingame wanted a nonsurgical alternative to getting rid of body fat. CoolSculpting is the proven solution to diet- and exercise-resistant fat without incisions, needles, or anesthesia. Its in-and-out approach is an excellent option for the people of San Mateo.

2. How many people are licensed and trained to perform CoolSculpting in San Mateo at LuminaSkin? Furthermore, what went into becoming a “Certified CoolSculpting Practice?” 

To perform CoolSculpting, LuminaSkin practitioners had to become certified by Zeltiq, the creators of the procedure. As part of this training, we treated three staff members throughout four sessions and completed Zeltiq’s CoolSculpting training “tracks.” I submitted before, and after photos and documentation to Zeltiq as proof, that we’d finished the treatments. Furthermore, Garrett and Tatiana attended CoolSculpting University, Zeltiq’s two-day educational seminar for practitioners of the procedure.

3. How long have you been performing CoolSculpting procedures?

I was introduced to the CoolSculpting procedure in spring 2015, and after meeting the requirements mentioned above, we began performing CoolSculpting at our medical spa in San Mateo in January 2016.

4. What is your opinion about the future of CoolSculpting? Do you think it will be available to treat more areas of the body? 

Zeltiq is already testing arm-specific applications of the procedure. This could help countless individuals get rid of the excess fat under the arms and around the shoulders. Only time will tell how expansive CoolSculpting may be applied in future treatments, but the arms are clearly coming soon.

5. Why do you think CoolSculpting is a beneficial service for the people of San Mateo? 

Regardless of mainstream media, nothing boosts confidence like natural beauty. Here at LuminaSkin, we seek to allow patients to experience natural beauty, and CoolSculpting is entirely non-invasive, making it an excellent option for those who wish to avoid more complicated procedures. CoolSculpting enables us to eliminate stubborn fat when diet and exercise have not produced results.

6. What’s the best CoolSculpting experience you’ve had at LuminaSkin? How did your staff handle it?

Our best story actually comes from one of our staff members here at LuminaSkin. She was planning her wedding, and she chose to undergo the procedure. We felt her decision to let her co-workers care for her was one of the highest compliments any skin treatment center could receive. Before her wedding arrived, she was able to go down a full dress size!

7. How is LuminaSkin different from other cosmetic centers in San Mateo?

We believe our CoolSculpting patients need a sense of continuity, which helps our team monitor results and ensures treatment is completed appropriately. So, our physician’s assistant, Garrett, treats all of our CoolSculpting patients. She is one of the nation’s most accredited and extensively trained practitioners in cryolipolysis (freezing fat cells).

Also, we want the experience to be enjoyable. All our San Mateo patients have full access to Netflix, free Wi-Fi, and snacks or meals. As a result, we can accommodate those in a rush after work or while the kids are in school.

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